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The TCB symbol that has been forged into the steel of these gates is the work of an artist never known by Elvis. It is a departure from the original TCB icon created by the King himself. TCB stood for "Taking Care of Business".

Elvis required absolute loyalty from his staff. To symbolize this responsibility Elvis had lightning bolts made of gold and capped them with the letters TCB. These were worn by his closest staff. Lamar Fike, who accompanied Elvis for many years, had his TCB covered with diamonds.

Lamar's gave his TCB, shown here, to Eddie back in 1982 in gratitude for helping him through a very hard time in his life. It is an important part of the collection.

Back in the sixties there were no web pages, no video stores, no cable television with a hundred channels. There were just three television networks. There were usually a few local channels in most parts of the US but CBS, NBC and ABC were pretty much the choices we had. Sounds simple doesn't it?

Elvis's TVWell, not to Elvis. To him, watching one channel meant there were two channels you were not watching.

His solution was to have a custom television made, which enabled him to watch all three at once. Three little Sony televisions were encased in a fine wooden case and controlled with a sonic remote controller. All three channels would be viewed but he had to select which channels sound to listen to.

Elvis loved jewelry and he loved giving it as gifts to his friends and trusted associates. He gave Lamar rings and watches. Some of these are in our collection today. Here is the back of a watch that Elvis gave Lamar.

The next museum item to show you is a little unusual. It is the couch that Elvis sat on during many fun hours. This is the same couch that once graced the living room at 2807 Lasker Avenue, in Waco, Texas. Believe it or not, Eddie held on to this three piece sectional for all these years. The couch is featured in our home movies and some of our photos of Elvis.
  The Couch Elvis Sat On !!





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